a ride through the polyhedra world
the convex polyhedra

what is a polyhedron?
Plato's five regular polyhedra
duality in the space
the Archimedes' semi-regular polyhedra and the prisms and antiprisms
animated truncations of the cube, the dodecahedron and the tetrahedron  -  the snubs
the Catalan's semi-regular polyhedra and the diamonds and antidiamonds
truncation's and extension's sequences - dual morphing
 - animated assemblages
Euler's polyhedral formula  -  other convex polyhedra  -  technical information
outstanding tetrahedra and tangent spheres   -   cuttings of a tetrahedron, of regular pyramids
Hills' tetrahedra (dissections and Dehns' invariant)
the Johnson's polyhedra
canonical polyhedra  -  Schlegel diagrams
tetrahedrally truncated dodecahedron and stellated icosahedron
the tectohedra and sand heaps  -  tectohedra constructions
the convex deltahedra and hexahedra ( "cubic" and canonical models )
rhombic polyhedra  -  spherical polyhedra  -  Waterman's polyhedra
miscellaneous examples

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